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Are you a current EMOMs member, wanting to renew for 2015-2016?

If you are a current EMOMs member, wanting to renew for the 2015-2016 EMOMs year, please log in to your Big Tent account ( Current members are also emailed a link for renewals.

Are you a prospective new member of EMOMs?

EMOMs serves families with multiple birth children in Seattle's Eastside. Membership in EMOMs is open to all* parents or guardians of multiple birth children. Annual dues are $30 per year. For new members who join now, dues cover membership through May 31, 2016.  Our private membership web site that includes private forums and event registration is hosted via Big Tent, which also handles our member registration.

To become a member of EMOMs, please click the link to the right that says "Join Group".

Our primary membership area includes Seattle's Eastside: Bellevue, north to Bothell, east to North Bend, south to Renton, and west to Lake Washington. The majority of our members live on the Eastside, and most of our official club functions - including meetings and social events - take place on the Eastside as well. There are many multiples organizations serving Western Washington. If you have multiples and live outside our primary service area, we encourage you to contact the local organization closest to you. (See links below.)

EMOMs requires that all members read and agree to comply with EMOMs' Code of Conduct. If you plan to apply for membership, please read our Code of Conduct thoroughly before proceeding with the application process.

Submission of your payment and membership application denotes agreement to comply with our Code of Conduct. EMOMs reserves the right to deny or terminate membership based on non-compliance with the Code of Conduct or at the sole discretion of the Executive Board.

Joining Deadlines

Join deadline for early "Member Shopping" privileges at Fall 2015 Toys & Togs Sale:  September 25, 2015

Next renewal deadline for all club memberships (for 2016-2017 club year): May 31, 2016

Note: If you join in order to participate in the Toys & Togs sale, be sure to check the Rules and Regulations immediately after joining (available on the members-only web site) to ensure you do not miss other important sale information.

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