Eastside Mothers of Multiples (EMOMs) is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization that is dedicated to fostering mutual support between families who are facing the unique joys and challenges of raising multiples: twins, triplets and more. Our primary membership area covers Seattle’s eastside.

What does EMOMs offer?

EMOMs welcomes parents of multiples to connect and communicate with other local parents of multiples. Chances are, whatever challenge you or your family is currently facing, other members have “been there” and are willing to share their hard-won info and resources. We listen. We understand. We share.
Belonging to a group that celebrates the parenting of multiples is worthwhile, easy, and even fun!

  • Use the member forum as a safe place to ask questions and learn from others
  • Attend events to meet other members and families in person
  • Find resources and service providers recommended by other members

EMOMs volunteers coordinate monthly meetings with topics that are designed to be of interest whether you’re expecting, navigating the first year of your babies’ lives, dealing with toddlers x2 (or more!), or facing the challenges of multiples in school.
You need information. We have the resources:

  • We have great speakers on a wide variety of topics—including some you haven’t thought of yet!
  • Members share their own experiences, so you learn from your peers not just “experts”

Overwhelmed? Yeah, we’ve been there. Whether you’re on bed rest, figuring out routines with your newborns, find yourself with clothes too big for your preemies, we can help.

EMOMs volunteers can:

  • Bring you a meal
  • Loan you preemie–sized clothing
  • Provide big sister-type mentoring

And more!