About Us

Eastside Mothers of Multiples (EMOMs) is a nonprofit membership organization serving Seattle’s Eastside, dedicated to fostering mutual support between families facing the unique joys and challenges of raising multiples: twins, triplets and more. Our volunteers facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and clothing/equipment through our private forums, semi-annual sale, and a wide range of other activities.  These resources also provide members with much-needed support and opportunities to form lasting friendships with other mothers and families of multiples.

Our primary membership area includes Seattle’s Eastside: Bellevue, north to Bothell, east to North Bend, south to Renton, and west to Lake Washington. The majority of our members live on the Eastside, and most of our official club functions—including meetings and social events—take place on the Eastside as well. There are many multiples organizations serving Western Washington. If you have multiples and live outside our primary service area, we encourage you to contact the local organization closest to you. (See links below.)

Our story

EMOMs has been in existence since 1969, when the club began as Eastside Double Delights Mothers of Twins Club. It started with just 23 members—and we have grown a lot since then!

Today we have a members-only web site that fosters communication across hundreds of member families, forums, monthly meetings and social events, semi-annual consignment sales, and social media channels.

What hasn’t changed is that we are a 100% volunteer-run organization. We are all busy parents dealing with the same challenges you face, sharing the same goal of wanting to under-stand and meet our children’s needs, and facing the unique challenges that most parents don’t quite “get”.

Our parent organization

EMOMs is a member of the Northwest Association of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. (NWAMOTC), which is comprised of clubs in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, and the province of British Columbia, Canada. NWAMOTC:

  • Promotes formation of new local clubs, assists in their establishment and supports their growth
  • Joins together member clubs to exchange educational information pertaining to rearing, development and encouragement of individuality of multi-ple birth children; and to educate and inform members through programs, a newsletter and affiliation
  • Cooperates with and encourages participation in (medical) research projects involving multiples, relative to the physical, mental and social well-being of multiple birth children and their families
  • Considers the needs of the siblings of multiple birth children
  • Expands our “reach” by assisting others through philanthropic projects and supporting local charities that help children